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11 July 2021

2 Ways to Raise Your Net Worth & Financial Profile Copy

Jairek Robbins


if you really want to be successful you'll find a way. if you don't you'll find an excuse. “I’ve hung out with many very successful CEOs and they are all miserable, so I stopped.”


Amanda and I were shocked by this statement especially because so often we hear “you are the 5 people you surround yourself with, so if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.”



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It couldn’t possibly be true that every CEO was miserable and completely unenjoyable to befriend, but based off our good friends experience with this “rule of thumb” he decided for himself that your networth isn’t decided by your network. Likewise, he didn’t believe that you must surround yourself with people more “successful” than you to become more financially successful in your own life and business, especially when their values and dream lifestyle wasn’t at all aligned with your own.


“Fair enough.” We both agreed.

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Amanda and I agreed that it seemed inauthentic to simply look for friends based on their social profile or net-worth. Our goal has always been to naturally attract & surrounded ourselves with people who are genuinely great people doing great things.


“I think it’s a combination. It’s all about the 33%.” Another friend shared.


The 33%, he explained, is a different approach to raising your financial profile by surrounding yourself with friends in three different categories: those that are more successful, those that are equally successful, and those that are still not quite as successful as you.


The idea of 33% or thirds, is that you want to find a peer group you can learn from, you want to find a peer group to share battle stories with, but you also want to find a peer group who you can teach and guide all while providing massive value to a genuine friendship on every level.


Collectively, we all thought about it and could see real benefit in this idea.


For those that, unknowingly, already seemed to apply the 33% rule in their own life… they decided to challenge themselves to apply the approach of seeking out only those more successful than they currently are. They decided to stick with the idea that we are a product of the 5 people you surround yourself with to see what happens.


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I always love when people are up to challenge themselves to try new things, so I look forward to hearing the results and how they may different from others. We will make sure to give you an update over this next year to see what happens!


For you reading this, I want to know, what will you do to raise your profile, your net worth, your financial status??


Will you simply hustle, will you find a coach, a mentor, or use one of the two strategies mentioned in this blog to find a new peer group?


If you do choose one of the above mentioned strategies, I’m most curious to know which one works best for you and why?


Are you willing to try out the “surround yourself with people more successful than you” approach to raise your networth?




Are you going to try the 33% percent concept and create a peer group spread equally among three levels of success?

I found it quite fascinating to hear the different approaches as well as see that seeking out only successful people has tremendously helped some and not others.


Whatever method you choose for raising your financial profile, remember to make sure it aligns with your personal values for maximum fulfillment and happiness.


At the end of the day, when hanging out with a bunch of uber rich and successful people means:

you’re not living your ideal day, but instead someone else’s


you’re living according to values that don’t align with yours, but instead someone else’s

It won’t matter whether you raise your “networth” or not because you won’t feel happy, authentic, or you.


Let me know which approach you like most and what results show up in your life when you apply it 100%!!


To your success,

Jairek Robbins



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