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16 September 2015

2 Proven Ways To Immediately Boost Your Productivity In The Morning

Jairek Robbins

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Check it out. Today we are diving into a major bad habit that is robbing us of valuable hours, time, energy and focus – every single morning.


This is something most of us tend to do each morning with the intent of ‘getting an early start’. But it is actually  slowing us down because it doesn’t allow us to truly warm up our brains. It completely distracts us from what’s most important.


I’ve replaced this habit in my own life and seen tremendous benefits! Tune in below.


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In this episode of JRCtv I’m going to share two great habits with you that I’ve replaced this old bad habit with, which has increased my morning productivity, clarity, and focus a TON!


Like a car, it’s important to warm up your brain rather than slamming on the gas the moment you turn it on. In today’s download I’ll share a really great mental exercise to get your brain firing on all cylinders, so that you can get more out of each minute and day with peak sharpness!


The best part, the exercises shared are easy to do solo or with your friends, family or colleagues.


Enjoy today’s JRCtv and let me know how these mental exercises help you and if you have other ones to share, I’d love to hear them!


To Your Success,



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