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8 March 2019

100 Day Personal Performance + Business Growth Challenge (Day 57): ONE DECISION away from a totally different life.

Jairek Robbins

What is the ONE decision that is holding you back from the next BIG step in your life?

If you really look at it, every major life change is catapulted by one decision. If it’s your health, it could be the decision to adopt a new eating plan or incorporate more physical activity.

If its your work, it could be a decision to ask for the position/raise you want or to go back to school to put you in a better position to go for better positions.

Maybe you are ready to start a family, but first you want to make a shift in finances to allows someone to be able to stay home the first year.

Whatever the hurdle, there has to be that ONE major decision that will get you to that goal.

This week we want you to identify the one area of you life where you want to make a shift and also identify the one decision you need to make for that shift to happen.

We know this may feel scary at first, and so via the video below we are sharing tips and tools on how to face that fear and work towards getting to the other side.

These are your dreams! Let’s make them happen.

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

During this 100 day challenge, we are going to be focused on simple daily actions that can help you be the happiest + healthiest + strongest + most fulfilled version of yourself!! Along with specific tactics you can use to grow your business & $$ as well!

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