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5 August 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge, Day 88: Warren Buffett’s Tips to SUCCESS!

Jairek Robbins

It is Day 88 of our 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge and I would like to share a story with you. I was watching a video by Warren Buffett, I think it was in 2017. He was talking about an important subject in life, and he was saying in all his investing years, he thought about something that made a lot of sense to me.

He said that if he came to you one day and said, “Listen, I will let you have any car you want. I will pay for it, so you pick the color, make, name it. There’s only one condition, once you pick this one car, then that is the only car you will ever own throughout your life. So, what kind of car would you pick?”

If Warren Buffett was going to buy you a car and you have to pick that one car that you would own for the rest of your life, what kind of car would it be? That’s an interesting proposal by Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett continues to say that whatever car you picked, he would buy it, put a red ribbon around it and drop the vehicle off at your address. He says, if this was the one car you were going to have for the rest of your life, how would you treat that car? How well would you take care of it? How often would have it checked to confirm that it is really solid and is being taken care of properly?

How much energy and thought and effort would you genuinely invest in taking good care of this vehicle? Warren Buffett says the answer is pretty obvious that you would do everything possible to take care of that car. You would invest a lot of thought and energy and effort to make sure that nothing screws with this one car you will ever own.

You would take it in regularly for the needed oil changes, you would make sure that it is well kept and protected. You would probably put it in a place every night where nothing would get to it or harm it, because you will only have that one car in your entire life.


And he says here’s the thing to remember, in this lifetime as far as he understands, you only get one body and you get one mind. He adds that what’s funny is that if he offered to buy you one car for the rest of your life, you would have a very specific and consistent maintenance plan of how to keep that car at its absolute best.

Buffett, who is in his eighties, says that the one thing he has learned is that you only get one body and you get one mind. He says that most people don’t have a maintenance plan for their body and their mind as much as they would have a maintenance plan to take care of that one car.

And so my question for you today is, what is your maintenance plan for your body and your mind? What do you consistently do to keep your mind and your body at its absolute best? 

Now I am going to give you some honest truths here, because I asked yesterday in my little posts, in my stories that I post out there. I asked, how did you sleep last night? The vast majority of you said that you had really horrible sleep. You didn’t sleep well, and you had lots of excuses, lots of reasons why you didn’t sleep well.

Whether it is having a new baby (valid reason), whether it is that you just woke up and had lots of thoughts on your mind (valid reason), whether it is you were working on a big deal for today (valid reason), there’s tons of valid reasons. But the question is, if you only had one car, what would you do differently to take care of that vehicle if that’s the only one you get for the rest of your life?

Watch The Whole Video Below!

Similarly, since you only have one body and one mind, what would you do differently to really take good care of this “vehicle” that you have to really make sure that you are properly refueling it or doing things to keep it at its absolute best each day? 

I read something a few minutes ago which said that people around the age of 35 are starting to get a lot of wrinkles, and it is not because of “old age” but because of consistent dehydration. You know, one simple thing that you can do to take care of your physical body is to keep hydrated. Simple formula, half of your body weight in ounces every day no matter what. 

My wife and I travel and the first thing we always do when we land is find a whole foods or some type of store and go pick up a couple of gallons of water. We make sure that there’s always water close by, I mean I can spot two gallons of water with us in this room right now. My wife teases me, sometimes we could check in and out of hotels and we would not only be carrying our bags but also a couple of gallons of water. People laugh at us, but keeping a gallon next to us means that we keep hydrated.

We have also been traveling quite a lot recently, and the one thing we always do wherever we go is that we find a place that has really healthy food to eat because that is the fuel we are putting in our body. You’d never say that I get this one car for the rest of my life, so let me throw some sand in its fuel tank and see what happens. You are going to kill the one car you have if you do that. Same thing with your body. There’s no reason you should be putting shitty fuel in your body and expecting it to last forever. Not a good idea!

If you think this through, it’s not only the fuel and the hydration, but getting it checked up. I mean, at the point when we are back home, I go see a chiropractor every couple of weeks or once a week and really, truly just keep my body in physical alignment. I have my stretching menu for physical and structural alignment of my body. I make sure to do that as often as I can. I have it travel with me, I have this little belt thing that I use to stretch every morning to keep my body in structural alignment.

And there’s this really cool place we found in Miami called “Stretch Zone” that I go to. It is kind of like yoga, except that you lie on a table and they do the yoga to you. I get stretched once a week and keep you nimble. I also love going and taking yoga classes to stretch my body and keep it nimble and also work on my mental presence.

Yoga is wonderful, not only for the physical elements of stretching but also for the mental aspect of breathing through some uncomfortable moments, getting into positions that you don’t necessarily love but finding peace in them. There’s so many mental benefits to yoga as much as the physical benefits to yoga that I found impressive in practicing.

I found a studio in San Diego. I was planning on going there for seven days for literally the free pass and I ended up going every single day for two and a half years and I loved that practice. I really enjoyed it. 

One other thing you can do, and this is probably one we have so much control over, but we don’t focus on it and we pretend like it isn’t in our control, is sleep. Getting high-quality sleep is really important and you’ve got to practice the things that go into giving you quality sleep.

One of the things that we talk about in our high-performance program, we have at Udemy, if you want to get it at a massive discount, it is a $200 program but you can get it at something like ten bucks, if you go to If you want to grab a copy of that, it has one module by our friend Shawn Stevenson who wrote a book called Sleep Smarter, and there are twenty-one tips on how to optimize your sleep in that program.

If you want to learn about health and nutrition, our friend Ben Greenfield came on and said if you want to be a centenarian or one of those people that lives more than a hundred years, here’s what all the latest science says about diet and exercise. What’s crazy is that none of these people who live past 100 years are cross-fitters or bodybuilders or ironmen or ironwomen, but there are certain things all of them do every single day, and he terms it “perpetual motion.” They keep their body and mind really active, their emotions really active, and it keeps them at their absolute best.

Another thing we talk about in that program, and this is something that would help you to stay at your absolute best is your peer group. According to Harvard research, your intimate, close circle of friends, depending on how well you maintain your peer group, determines how long you live, how happy you are and how much you earn financially over all those years. 

And there’s another module we put in there about how to specifically identify your peer group. I use the 33 percent rule. So 33 percent of your peer group should be a step ahead of you in something you are focused on (meaning they are a few steps down the path, they have done it so they can show you the steps), another 33 percent of your peer group should be at the exact same moment on the journey as you (that way you can share what’s working and what’s not working right now) and then 33 percent of your peer group should be a step or two behind you so that you can share with them what works and help them catch up. So all this is in that program.

But today’s topic is, as Warren Buffett put it, if he offered to buy you one vehicle and you had to use this car for the rest of your life, what kind of car would you want, and how would you take care of that car if it is the only one you will ever get for the rest of your life? What would be your maintenance plan for it? How often would you have it inspected? How often would you give it a tune-up? Buffett adds that as far as he knows, you only get one body and one mind in this lifetime.

Therefore, what is your daily, weekly and monthly maintenance plan to keep you mentally, emotionally and physically at your absolute best consistently, considering that you only get one of these in your lifetime? Take that to heart, do some serious thinking on it, and I will see you guys tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins




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