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29 July 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge Day 87: What Were You Put on This Planet to Do?

Jairek Robbins

I was just listening to the introduction of a book called Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss and what was very fascinating is that she said imagine before you arrived in a physical form on this planet you made an agreement that said here is what I am going to do with the physical life I am about to take form in.

Here is what I want to create or be a part of or develop or design; here’s how I want to interact with other humans; here’s the legacy that I want to create when I go there and I am alive.

She says you should elevate above the human experience and go to the time before your human existence. This is an interesting perspective to take. Jut pause for a second and imagine before you decided to become a human form, you know, when you were still in spirit form or element form, and you are making an agreement with God, Mother Nature, the universe or whatever higher being you would call it, then the question would be what kind of agreement would it be?

What would you agree to do? How did you agree to show up, how did you agree to interact with other humans, and the animals and the earth? What agreement would you put in place if you had to go all the way back to the pre-human form version of you that says, “Hey, I am going down to earth and become a human and my agreement is as I do that, here’s how I am going to live, here’s how I am going to be, here’s how I am going to interact with people, nature the universe, how I am going to interact with animals and anything that’s alive like plants. And here’s how I am going to treat myself and here’s how I am going to treat others.”


It is almost a sacred contract that she says you promised regarding how you would live. She said one thing you had to be careful about with sacred contracts is when you say listen, I am going to go down there and I will be the most forgiving human ever, then life is going to serve up a lot of opportunities through which you will need to forgive.

Or, if you say I am going to down there to experience the truest form of abundance thinking that you are going to get cars and stuff and trips and money, but then life will wipe everything away from you so that you can realize that the true abundance is a heartbeat, the ability to see, hear, feel or touch or just enjoy the breath in your body, or just to enjoy being alive.

And so she says to be very careful with what type of contract you decide you want to have because whatever you ask for, life is going to give you the experience of having to learn how to live true to the contract you entered into, not the end result where you have everything you want. And so if there was one lesson that you said you wanted to learn or experience in this lifetime, what would be the lesson that you wanted to learn?

If there was one lesson that you wanted to learn in this lifetime, what would that lesson be? How to be kinder to others and be less selfish? How to live with more compassion? Remember, whatever lesson you said you wanted to learn, you would have to be put into experiences that would compel you to learn that lesson.

Here’s is the second question on that matter. If you have identified the lesson that you would like to learn in your lifetime, how do you show up each day to learn that lesson? Meaning, what are you doing every day, what are you reading, who are you interacting with, how are you living your life that is helping you to learn that lesson? What are you consciously practicing each day to help you to move in the direction of learning that lesson, to make progress in your understanding of it? What are you doing every day to move forward with this lesson?

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If you want to be truly happy or to love unconditionally, what are you doing each day to make progress with your intention?

Here’s another question, if you are to be honest, what have you been doing in the recent past that is actually blocking you from learning the lesson? What have you been doing that is moving you farther away from the lesson you want to learn during your lifetime? 

Lots of us do things that make us take three steps forward and two steps back because we have these little habits or little patterns that actually move us farther away from what we feel we are meant to do on this planet. And we get into those habits or patterns, like procrastination, because they feel good in the moment or we needed a distraction or we are uncomfortable in our own selves and so we reach for something or run from something in order to distract ourselves.

One last question that would go in here, what could you commit to doing for the next 30 days to keep you in alignment with what you feel you were put on this planet to learn? What could you do consistently for the next 30 days so that you stay on track to learning the lesson you were put on this planet to learn?

I will give you a clue, what is the question you would ask yourself each day that would immediately realign you? That would immediately put you right back on track? That would immediately bring you right back in the zone?

Start from the top, right before you got into this physical form and identify one lesson that you would commit yourself to learning during your life. Next, identify the things that you do on a daily basis to move closer to a deeper understanding of that lesson, and then find out what habits or patterns are moving you away from your chosen path.

Think of ways to get rid of those habits or patterns and then ask yourself what questions you can ask yourself each day in order to stay in alignment with what it is you feel you are here to learn.

And that is the thought for today, Day 87 of our 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge. Hopefully, this is useful, and if it is, share it with someone. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below and I will do what I can to respond to them. Have an amazing day!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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