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22 July 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge (Day 86): Major Key to Building Relationships

Jairek Robbins

When you want to reach out to someone for whatever reason; you want to connect with a new friend, you want to build a business relationship, you want to hire someone for your team, you want to get hired, if you want a client, and so on; the number one simple thing to do is to Google them, search them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, search them out on Instagram, follow them on Facebook, Google their website, and take the time to learn about them. Figure out what is most important in their world that’s going on in their life and business, figure out what topic they are currently focused on, working on or going after right now.

Once you know that topic, find out what ten pieces of value that you can genuinely add to what it is they are doing, and do it. Don’t just say, “Hey, here’s ten things you could do better.” Actually do the work.

I will tell you real quick, I have a friend, his name is James. He lives in New York and he wanted to connect with a guy with a TV show on stocks. His name is Jim Cramer. James thought that if he went online and sent Jim Crammer an email and said, “Hey Jim, I’d like to take you to coffee and pick your brain.” there’s a pretty good chance that Jim Cramer wouldn’t even answer that email from a random person watching his show.

So instead, what my friend James did was to sit down each day and write down ten things what he wished the Jim Cramer show or blog would be about. Every day he wrote ten more topics. Which means he went to the blog, looked at every topic they wrote, he read a bunch of their blogs and said, “Here’s ten things I wish they would blog about.” 

He then felt that was nice, but went on to ask himself what kind of research he would want to be included in those blogs. He then took the time to go and look for the research that he would want to include in each of those ten blogs. 

He then said, “What would I title these blogs?” He then went online and used an SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) title creation device or software to type in a bunch of different words to come up with the strongest SEO-friendly title for each one of these ten blogs.

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And then after 30 days of doing this, he took the top ten blogs with the content, with the SEO-friendly titles and he packaged them in one email that said, “Hey Jim, this is James. I am a huge fan of your work and I’d love to connect with you. But in thinking about what value I can add, I read your blog and looked at everything you had done and I came up with these ten topics I wish, as an ardent reader of your blog, you would write about. I also came up with some content that I would include in those blogs, and the links to some research that would go with those blogs.

I also came up with an SEO-friendly title for you to use since this is the best possible SEO combination of words you could use for each of those ten blogs. Anyways, I hope it is useful, I hope you write about it, and I hope to connect someday in the future.”

Literally, within ten minutes he got an email from Jim’s team that said, “Hey, would you be willing to write these blogs for us?” He was like, sure, that would be amazing. They hired him to do the blogs, and while he was there, he walked around and looked, asking “What’s ten things that would make the show better, what’s ten things that would improve the overall show?”

And so he wrote it down every day and then he came up with them. And one of the things he came up with was a software that was missing. And he took this idea and then put it to work. He came up with the software idea, invested his own money to find a team to make it and he took it back and said, “Hey, Jim, I have been here a while hanging around. I have been looking around and I saw that there was a kind of software missing here, so I had this created. I just thought it might be useful.”

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Jim Cramer ended up buying that piece of software from my friend James for $10 million. And so it is pretty incredible what that led up to, but where it started was picking someone you would like to connect with and for 30 days writing down what ten ways you could genuinely add value to this person doing the actual work, preparing it and then sending it out for them to receive the value and then saying if you want to connect, I’d love to, but if not, then it’s okay. And being open so that if they say no you are totally fine with it, not expecting anything in return but doing it purely to add value and opening the opportunity for them to reach out back to you.

So, just a thought. I get hit up by a lot of people who would like to connect and ask questions and talk about a lot of stuff. I tend to spend a lot of time messaging tons of people back around the world and I am totally fine with it and I have fun doing it. But just a tip, use this strategy and see what doors will open for you and what relationships it will help you build, and what clients it will help you get. So, have fun with this and kick some butt, and I will see you guys tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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