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3 April 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge (Day 68): What Would You Tell Yourself?

Jairek Robbins

Think back about a moment in the past when what you are now would have seemed really impossible. Remember all the uncertainty, hesitation and fear of attempting to move forward to the place you are now.

I was talking to some clients and the lady revealed that at one point in her life, making $300,000 a year was a huge deal in the couple’s world. However, that couple just made $300,000 in the first quarter of this year!

And I asked her, if you were to go back to that version of you who was nervous, who was tense, who was scared, who was trying to figure it out; if you were to whisper something to that earlier version of yourself, what would you say to yourself now that you know it was going to work, that you were going to make in three months what you dreamed of making in a year? What would you tell yourself?

Watch the full video below!

Really think hard of that time and say what you would say to yourself in hindsight. I would say dream big, just go for it! What would you say to yourself?

Another quick example; I was working with a client who wants to transform his health and fitness, and one of the things that we need to do is undergo a three-minute ice-cold shower every day. Deep down, I know this man is a beast of a human, he is a badass. I wanted to bring those attributes of this man to the surface.

He called me on the first day screaming that he couldn’t take the three-minute cold shower. I just told him to get it over with and take the shower. He put me on speakerphone and I could hear him yelling “it’s too cold, I can’t do it…”

Two minutes later, he jumped out of the shower and yelled, “Was that three minutes?” I told him it wasn’t, and asked him to get right back in and complete the three minutes. He had to start all over again since he had gotten out before the allotted duration.

He finally completed the whole three minutes and kept saying he doesn’t know whether he will continue with it because it is too hard. The next day, we called him and he did it, same on the third day and by the third or fourth day, he said that he thought the water was getting warmer!

I told him, “No buddy, you are getting stronger!”

He said no way, adding that compared to three days earlier, he couldn’t even breath while in the water. 27 days in, he has already lost 10pounds, he is physically strong and vibrant. He is the badass version of himself again.

Recently, I asked him to look back to that guy who was screaming “it’s too cold, I can’t do it” and asked him, “What would you tell yourself?”

He said that he’d just look that guy (his former self) straight in the eye and tell him, “get in there, it’s gonna change your damn life, now!”

I said, “Wow!” If you think back, people are just saying go for it, just do it, you got this, trust in the Lord’s timing, don’t hesitate, move forward, trust it is gonna work out, etc.

It is interesting to hear people say all that to their former selves, but here’s the thing; think about something that you are worried about in the future right now. Think of something you are hesitating on. Think of something you are excited about but aren’t sure whether it will work out.

Imagine the version of you six months, 12 months or five years in the future. What do you think that version of you would come back and whisper in your ear right now? What do you think the version of you when things work out will come back and whisper in your ear right now? What would you tell yourself about the fears, the worry, and the uncertainties? What would you come back and whisper in your own ears?

Now, it’s funny that when you change the timeline and go back to look at something that you thought was difficult at one point but then did it, and then you look into the future after you have done what you now see as difficult, you discover that the answer regarding what you would tell yourself in those two circumstances is exactly the same!

The lesson for today, day 68 of the 100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge, is that what would you tell yourself if you had to whisper in your past ear, and then come back from the future and whisper in your ear right now as if it was in the past, what would you say?

Whatever it is that you would say to yourself, whisper it in your ear right now and go make some magic happen. Have fun as you put this into practice in your daily life!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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