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21 October 2019

100 Day Personal Performance and Business Growth Challenge, (Day 100): Struggling to Get Started?

Jairek Robbins

Here is my question for you; how many of you have ever struggled getting started with something? Meaning, you want to do something, you have a vague kind of plan of how you are going to get there, but you find it hard getting off the ground. You know what you want long-term, but in the moment, you are struggling to get it off the ground. 

I’m going to break this down for you because someone just asked this on Instagram and I found that to be a great question. The problem is, you are usually not sure where to start. If you aren’t sure where to start, the problem most times is that you are either overcomplicating it, meaning that you are making it such a big deal that you don’t know what to do first.

Or, you are probably overshooting it, meaning that you are starting out with the wrong goal (I want to make $100 million this year, instead of I want to figure out how to make an extra $100 then $200, then $400, then $800, and so on until you reach your huge goal).

When you start too far out, the goal becomes almost impossible to hit and then even if you made $100,000 when you were aiming for millions you feel that you messed up and yet, in reality, you are making great progress.

Here are the steps that you should follow if you ever want to overcome that feeling of not being able to get started.

Imagine you are on day 1 of Olympic training. What do you do on that day? You show up, you get a coach (notice all Olympic athletes have coaches). That coach has this thing called a stop clock or a measurement device. So, if you are going to run the 400m dash, you walk out to the track, get on the track and the coach gets the clock and says, “Ready, go!” He hits the timer so it starts measuring/recording as you run as fast as you can. When you get to the finish line, the coach looks at the timer and writes down how long it took you to run the dash.

He then tells you, “Let’s do it again.” And you go to the starting line and you do it again while the coach is looking at his timer to see how long it takes you. Once again, he writes down how many minutes or seconds it took you to complete the dash. And then he tells you, “One more time.”

You end up doing it ten times, and each time the coach records the time it takes you to complete the race. The intention is to figure out how long it takes you to get the initial result or baseline. What is your current pace? How skilled or talented or able are you to get the starting result? 

Once you have that, it is called your starting measurement. Once your coach knows that, you both know where to start. You know it took “X” amount of seconds to run 400meters. It took “X” amount of days to produce $100 in sales. It took “X” amount of time to get one customer. It took “X” amount of time to sell one program or product or whatever it is that you sell. You measure it, you track it. You coach notes down how long it takes YOU to go that far.

And that was step one. You did it ten times to make sure that you got the average of your fastest, your slowest and the ones in-between. With that data captured, you both go back to the coach’s office with his clipboard in hand. 

Once in the office, you paint a target on the wall as if you are at a shooting range for gun practice. That is the target you are aiming for. You select that target and make a decision that says if you are going for that target, it is best to run a little bit faster than you have ever done before. 

In real terms, this would take the form of taking your average number captured on the coach’s clipboard, or as one of my coaches and mentors said to me, “Why are you using your average? Would you hire anyone to be on your team just so they can be average? Or would you rather hire people to be top performers? What you should be measuring against every month is the best that you have ever done.”

I was like, “Oh, wow! That kind of stung a little because I was always using the law of averages, I was always using my average results to compare whether I was doing better or worse than I usually do most of the time.”

He was like you never hire someone to be average, you hire them to be top performers! He said look up the best that you have ever done, that’s what you measure yourself against every time. So you take your best time out of the ten attempts. 

You take that best time, put it on the board and paint a target around it, something that you are going to aim for during practice. Then what we do is we demand of ourselves everything we’ve got each day to see if in the same amount of time you can produce a little bit better than you have ever done before. 

So what happens is, when you go out and try to do a little bit better than you have ever done before, it means that each day, you will keep striving to be better than you have ever been since each day will end better than the previous day by just a little bit. Every day you will demand more from yourself, measure your effort and fine tune it, do a little tiny adjustment and see if you get a little bit better. As you keep doing this, you will gradually move from your starting performance to a higher level of performance.

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Once you have a new best performance, you will again set a new target to be better than that new best time. What happens now is that what is your best time used to be a pipe dream in the past, but instead of starting at the giant dream, you can use that giant dream as your vision but not as your goal. Your goal should be to become just a little bit better than you have ever been. As you progressively become better than you have ever been, you will soon be all the more closer to your vision of the giant dream. You continuously make progress, you are crushing it. This is actually how you crush stuff and achieve great things. 

Now, I used to mess this up all the time because I would sit down and say what do I want? And I would start with a pie in the sky gigantic goal. Notice, not a vision; a vision needs to be big, audacious, exciting, hairy, beautiful, far beyond whatever is plausible right now, but a goal needs to be a little bit farther than you have ever done before. 

Rewind this, watch it again, tag a friend, share this with friends and family, share this with your team if you are in the office or business so that you can properly set goals and properly make progress and improve on everything you do.

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So, have some fun with that, kick some butt, and watch this one more time today and I will talk to you guys soon.

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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