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3 February 2020

10 Ways to Add More GOODNESS to Your Life RIGHT NOW!

Jairek Robbins

Today we are looking at ten ways to add goodness to your life right now. When I say goodness, I mean the sweet stuff, the stuff that makes you feel happy to be alive, the stuff that brings back the warm and fuzzies in life, etc.

So, here are ten ways to find more goodness in your life.

1. Can you remember a time in life that made you laugh out loud?

I would love to see a few comments about a person, a situation, a moment or something that you were doing, or somewhere you were in life that literary made you laugh out loud

2. What a moment might you have not been laughing out loud but my goodness, it made you smile?

It might have made you smile from the inside or it made your heart warm and fuzzy, or it made you smile from ear to ear. What’s that moment that made you have one of those good smiles? Someone is saying “playing with my daughter.” Even if the smile didn’t show up on your face, you could just feel the warmness in your heart because of that smile. 

3. What memory do you have of a specific time that you felt incredibly valuable in your life?

What time or moment made you feel really valuable in your life, when you felt important, when you felt needed or wanted? You felt like your skillset, your talent, your abilities, what you are good at were needed and valued and appreciated and wanted in that moment. And you did something, regardless if they said it or not, they might have just turned towards you and by the look they gave you, you could tell that they really valued how you stepped up, or what you did, or just that you showed you cared. What is that moment that made you feel incredibly valuable?

4. Who is that person you really love?

Who is that person you really have a deep love for, regardless of whether it is an intimate relationship or a deep friendship, you just really love them as a human. You love the way they show up, you love the way they treat you, you love what they represent in the world, and you really love them! 

5. What challenging time were you able to overcome? 

What seemed insurmountable in the moment and you didn’t think you were going to be able to do it, but my goodness, you found a way through it? You found a way over it, under it, through it, round it. What was that time in your life? 

6. What deeply passionate and loving moment do you remember?

That moment may be deeply passionate and you don’t have to share it publicly, but do you remember that one moment that stands out for you?  What is that moment that had a lot of passion or deep romance to it, a moment when you first saw that person and went “wow!” Or that moment when you really connected with somebody, a moment when somebody caught your attention or said something to you in a certain way that made you go wow! 

7. What moment made you feel deeply grateful to be alive?

What is that one moment that you felt very grateful to be alive, just the fact that your heart was beating and there was air in your lungs, what is that moment? Like you just got down on your knees and said, “Thank you for this opportunity to keep living, thank you for another moment like this, thank you!” 

8. Who is that one person who was there when you really needed them to be there?

Think about a person you are grateful for, a person that was there when you really, really needed them. That time when times were tough, when things were difficult and that person appeared and delivered the help that you really needed and you were like, “Oh my goodness, I am grateful to see you!” You were so grateful that that person stepped up. 

9. What one moment were you incredibly generous?

When were you extremely generous? That moment when you either had extra and shared it, or you might have had a little but you shared it anyway. You were incredibly generous in that moment. When is that moment that you feel incredibly proud that you shared what you had? You really didn’t have to, but you were generous and when you look back, you are glad that you did. 

10. Looking back on the whole last 12 months, what are your three favorite moments from 2019? 

What are your three best moments from that entire year? What are your top three moments for 2019? 

Here is my hope; my hope is that during this little session, you have a pen and paper and you have been writing like crazy. If you want to go back and get the questions again, go to, our YouTube channel where we will post this in a moment. Take time and write your answers to all these ten questions and watch what happens. The goal of all this is to help you feel the goodness in your life.

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To help you feel all the magic in your life, and if you take a moment to not only think about these moments but also write them down and re-experience them as you capture those moments on paper, watch what happens, watch what you feel, watch what magic begins to show up back in your life. Enjoy this process, have some fun. I’m going to catch the sunset with my life and I will see you all tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins

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