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9 March 2020

10 Truths About LOVE and Business

Jairek Robbins

Today’s topic is “10 truths about love and business,” so let’s dive right in!

1. If You Don’t Cherish What You Have, It Will Soon Be Gone

That is something serious to think about. If you are in love or in a relationship and you don’t cherish; and I’m not talking about like or put up with or think highly of that person. If you don’t cherish the person you have, they will eventually be gone.

That is exactly the same thing in business. If you don’t cherish your team and take great care of them, if you don’t cherish your clients and the relationship you have with them, if you don’t cherish the current business that you have, it will soon be gone. It will soon go somewhere else where someone is willing to cherish, connect with, honor and love it, take care of it, adore it and appreciate it. Same thing in love, same thing in business.


2. If You Go There to Take, It Will Only Last as Long as You Can Take

As soon as you have emptied the source from which you are taking, it will be gone. The key is that you need to go there to give. What are the gifts that you want to give to this most special human you want to be in a relationship with? 

Hopefully, that person wants to receive those gifts you want to share. Hopefully, they appreciate those gifts. Hopefully, they love, adore, cherish and appreciate the gifts you want to share. 

Same thing in business. What are the gifts you most want to share with the people in your business or the clients you do business with? Hopefully, they value them, appreciate them, adore them and they really want more of those things from you.

So, you’ve got to go there to give. If you go there to get business, to get love, to get attention, to get appreciation, eventually you are going to drain it and when it is all gone, the relationship is over and you have to go somewhere else to find what you want to get. So, go to give. 

3. Find Out What They Need, Want and Desire

This is so important! One of the biggest failures that people make when they are engaging in a new relationship with a new customer, they just assume they know what they want. Same thing in an intimate relationship; it is kind of funny how this happens. People assume, “I know what she wants!” or “I know what he wants.”

The truth is they never asked what the other person wants. They never sat down and said, “Hey, what do you really need?” “What’s like oxygen to you that you can’t survive without it?” “What is the good stuff you want more of?” “What are the things you desire?”

You’ve got to define what those things are, including those things that you can’t put words to and yet they make you breathless just thinking about them. 

By the way, have you sat down to define what YOU want, desire and need in your relationship and in your life and in business? This is something that you might want to do!

4. Once You Know What They Need, Want and Desire, Go Out and Get It and Give It to Them!

Now that seems simple enough, but if you know what someone wants, needs and desires, and you want to have a great relationship with them, go get what they need! Go get what they want. Go get what they desire and bring it to them and give it to them.

And this is important, give them what they want, need and desire in the way that they want it to be given to them. We might go get what they need, desire and want, but then we give it to them in the way that WE would want it, and then we get shocked if they tell us that they don’t want it like that.

So, you have to go and get what they need, want and desire, and then ask them how they want it to be given to them. Make sure they receive it the way they want to.

5. Make Sure They Love to Receive What You Most Want to Give

Oh my gosh, this is important! If you look at the longevity of a relationship whether it is personal, business, professional, client or whatever kind of relationship; if you look at its longevity, if the gift you most want to share with them is something they don’t value, then in the future when you are giving it to them and they don’t care, it’s going to feel really empty.

If you are looking at a long-term relationship, you want to say, hey, does the person value the gifts I most want to share with them? 

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If the person values the gifts that you most want to share, them my goodness, it is a great match! If they don’t value those gifts, you might want to consider the long-term stipulations that will unfold even if the relationship is doing fine right now. 

6. Always Choose to Be Your Best

If you could look at this mentally, physically and socially, there’s three ways you could show up; your best, your average or your worst. You want to always make a conscious decision to be your best when you are with that person you are in a relationship with.

What does that mean? You need lots of sleep, lots of food, hydration, work out, be healthy, be happy, be strong and bring your absolute best to the relationship as often and as consistently as you can. 

That decision to be at your absolute best to the one you love every day, my goodness, that’s a game changer.

7. Find Ways to Wow Them Over and Over Deliver

If you know what they need, what they want and what they desire, how could you do something that they would never expect, how could you go beyond their wildest dreams?

One of my favorite things is to take something from my wife’s bucket list and turn it into reality each year. So, once each year, I pick something from her bucket list and make it my number one goal to turn that thing into reality. And we’ve done some pretty fun stuff, and that’s how I try to wow her, I try to over-deliver for her.

8. You’ve Got to Care Deeply About Them

You have to care about them and about what they need, want and desire. Care to be curious and learn who they have become, who they’ve been, and who they are becoming. You’ve got to care deeply about what they are interested in, what they are curious about, what they are excited about, what they fear, and so on.

This means that you need the capacity and the space to care. If you are ever sitting down with a loved one or someone you are in a relationship with and they are sharing stuff with you and you are thinking, “I just don’t care!” that means you aren’t your best self because if you were your best self, you would create space to care for them. 

You probably need to take some stuff off your plate so that you can create some space so you can have the conscious mental, physical and spiritual space to care with them and for them as well as about them in every way, shape and form.

9. Get to Know Their Dreams, Desires, Visions, Goals and Hopes

You want to be constantly learning about and updating and re-updating their dreams and desires and goals. You want to be knowing them deeply. You want to be staying wildly and deeply curious about who they are, who they’ve been and who they are becoming like we’ve been saying before.

That curiosity is where most of the magic in the relationship comes from. When you first get together with someone, it’s so exciting because you are like, “Oh my gosh! I’m learning about them, they like this color, they like that ice cream, that’s so cool!” 

After you’ve been with that person for 10 years, you hear stuff like, “Oh yeah, it’s just them.” Or “I already know what they are going to say.” We start making assumptions instead of being curious and deeply in love with this person. So, bring your curiosity back.

10. Your Turn, What’s Important in Love and Business?

This is where I need your help; what would you say is the tenth thing that is a truth in love and business, which is a deep truth?

We talked about cherishing the one you have or they will be gone; we talked about going to give instead of to get; finding out what they need, want and desire; we talked about going out to get what they need, want and desire and then give it to them; we talked about making sure that they want to receive what you want to give; always choosing to be your best; finding ways to wow them; learn deeply about them; know their goals, hopes and dreams; what do you think number ten would be in love and business? 

Share it in the comments so other people can find it. And, I will pick one of them and add it to my list in this video later. Have fun with this, have a great night and I will talk to you all tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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