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6 April 2020

10 Things Worthy of Making More Time for in 2020

Jairek Robbins

Today’s topic is 10 things to make time for in 2020, so let’s dive right in!

1. Make More Time for Love

Since it is Valentines’, it is only natural that we recommend that you make more time for love in 2020. When I say love, what does that mean? It means taking time to fill up with love each morning, to pour love into your mind and body and spirit. And as you are filling up, and hopefully your cup will overflow, take that love with you everywhere and pour it into all the people around you throughout the day. 

Pour it into friends, family and coworkers or clients. Take time and pour out that love, but that means you’ve got to fill your cup every day. So if you are going to take time and make time for love in 2020, you’ve got to ask what your daily ritual might look like if it was going to fill your mind, body and spirit with love starting first thing in the morning. 

And so by the time you start your actual day, you are overflowing with an abundance of love that you will be able to share with all those around you as you cross paths with them. What might an afternoon or midday ritual look like that would help you refill up with love so that as you are moving through the afternoon part of your day, you can continue to overflow and share this love with those around you? 

And what might the evening ritual be as you leave work and head home back to the ones you love (hopefully). In that transition, how might you refill back up with love so that by the time you get home you are overflowing with some goodness that you might share with them instead of getting home exhausted and having nothing left to give!

2. Take Time to Make Magic Moments with the Ones We Love

My wife and I were talking about this on a walk that when you want to surprise someone with a gift, well, stuff is cool when it’s needed or wanted, then you can go real big and get them something. But, creating experiences is something I learned when I was still young that lasts longer than anything you can ever give that person. If you create an experience for them, if you create a memory for them; that memory will last a lifetime.

And so it is important for you to take time and create memories for the ones you love. Take the time to generate experiences that they will remember forever. What could that look for you in 2020?

3. Take Time Each Day for Laughter and Funny Videos

Now I don’t know what makes you laugh; I don’t know whether all the silent black and white Charlie Chaplin stuff makes you laugh, or silly fail videos make you laugh, or comedians make you laugh. Regardless, something that you should make time for in 2020 is time to consistently consume that which makes you laugh out loud. That which makes you sit there and get those deep belly laughs. Why? It’s good for your health. It’s good for your mind. It’s good for your body, and it is so good for everybody around you. This is because when you are at your best and are laughing all the time, then my goodness, you are a heck more fun to be around.

4. Walks in Nature

This is something that my wife and I start every single day with. We like to pick places to live where there is a path or some sort of nature walk where we can go for 30-60 minutes every morning. So, it’s one of our favorite things because this morning, we noticed that when we live in places where there is a path or something for us to walk through every morning, we are way more connected, happier, more in love and we just have a lot more life energy between us.

When we’ve lived in places that don’t have paths or we don’t go out to do the walk every day, we found that we are more disconnected or a little bit quicker to react towards each other instead of lovingly responding. We are a little bit more on edge with each other and not as deeply connected. So, walks in nature with the ones you love might be a good thing to make time for in 2020.

5. Gratitude and Appreciation

On that walk referred to earlier we spend the first 15 minutes telling each other all the things that we are grateful for about each other. Grateful for the little stuff, the big stuff, who they are, who they are becoming, who they’ve developed into, who they were, and just grateful for all the bits and pieces that make them unique individuals. It is amazing how that quickly fills up your own love tank as well as that of your loved ones in that morning walk.

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6. Learning and Relearning What They Need, Want and Desire

This is one of the most important things if you are in a relationship whether it is a business relationship, intimate relationship, or even a friendship, you’ve got to know what that person needs, wants and desires. You also need to know how they want their needs, wants and desires so that you can serve it up in a way that will blow their minds every time.

7. Acknowledgment of All the Little Stuff

This is a game-changer! Take the time to look around and watch the people around you and then take the time to say thank you for sending me an email, thank you for making breakfast, thank you for loving me, thank you for listening, for caring or for every other little thing that you notice as you go about your day. 

Taking time to say thank you is a game-changer not only in an intimate relationship but in your office as well, in your school or any place where you are in contact with other people. One of the number one complaints from teams is that the people who they work with or for tend not to appreciate them. And the person in charge quickly says, “what do you mean! We appreciate you, we give you bonuses, we give you perks, we give you trips, what else do you want?” The team members look back and just say a thank you would be nice! Practicing that little thank you in all that you do will change things a great deal. 

My wife and I try to practice this nonstop. If I pick up her dish and take it to the sink and wash it, she will take a peek round the corner and say thank you, it means a lot to me! If I take the trash out, she will say thank you, it means a lot to me. And by constantly saying thank you, by constantly appreciating them, by constantly acknowledging their efforts, my God, it builds a beautiful relationship.

8. Help to Make Your Loved One’s Dreams Come True

This is one of my favorites, I learned it from my dad. He is the kind of guy that would sit down and listen closely to your dreams and over the years find ways to kind of surprise you with them on a holiday, your birthday, on Christmas or something like that.

And so I made it a point and sat down with my wife before we even got married. I told her I wanted to know all her dreams, her desires, her needs and her wants. I asked her to tell me what her dream bucket list in life is. And every single year, I make it a personal goal to take something on her bucket list and bring it to life. Now we’ve done some really fun stuff over the years. Luckily she loves animals so we’ve flown around the world and she’s got to snuggle with some of her favorite animals all over. And this concept of can you turn your partner’s dreams into reality is a good thing to create more time for in 2020.

9. Take More Time to Speak Your Loved One’s Love Language

If you’ve read the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, taking time to speak their love language as often as possible is a good thing to invest more time in. 

10. Reflect on What’s Working or Not

This is one of my absolute best things my wife and I do together. Every Sunday when we wake up, we will spend 1-3 hours just lying next to each other and we review what the major lessons learned in the week were in love and relationships. What were the major takeaways? What were the “Aha!” moments about love and relationships, other partnerships, other people we interact with? What did we observe this week and how can we apply it or avoid it in our own life or relationship? 

And so the tenth thing that I think is worth making more time for in 2020 is reflecting on what’s working and not working in your own life, while also reflecting on the lessons that you are learning as a couple, as well as how you can bring those to life to either get more of those or avoid them in your own relationship.

So, here’s what I’m asking of you; in the comments, write down what one thing you want to take time to do more of in 2020. And, if you are watching this on YouTube, tag someone in the comments and ask them what’s something they want to do more of in 2020.

Also, pay attention! We’re going to have a cool giveaway coming up in a couple of days so check my page and you will see something pretty special. You will want to tune in for that one. Anyways, have a great day, do something fun with someone you love and I will talk to you all tomorrow. Bye!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins



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