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30 March 2020

10 Reasons Why You Need to HIRE A COACH Today

Jairek Robbins

Before I announce today’s topic, I want to ask; how many of you have something in your life or business, or health or relationship or finances or maybe your spiritual life that you would like to change? How many of you have something you want to achieve this year that might be beyond what you have done before?

What that means is that you have a desire to make progress, a desire to move forward. This is a desire to accomplish something beyond your present experience. Therefore, you are most likely going to need some assistance. And so today’s topic is something that is near and dear to the heart, and the reason why it’s near and dear to the heart is that it is something that has helped me again, and again, and again to achieve beyond what I was currently or momentarily capable of. Capable is probably the wrong word because I was always capable of more, but I just wasn’t in the moment achieving more.

So it was beyond my current experience level. It was beyond reach, if I may say, because it was always there, but I didn’t know how to reach it. It was always available, but I just didn’t know how to access it. It was always waiting for me, but I just couldn’t find it.

Today’s topic is really simple; it is 10 reasons or ways in which a coach can help you close that gap between what you are capable of and the results you are currently getting. What I’m going to ask is listen to these reasons, figure out which, if any, apply to you and then put it to work. And this is something that not only an outside coach can do for you, but this is something that you can do to assist another person to achieve their goal or their dream.

So it is either someone who can assist you in the process or it is a way through which you can assist someone else in their process. 

1. If You Need Clarity on the Next Step of the Journey

Meaning if you are standing here and are looking out into the future and you can see where you want to be. You can see the financial position, the health, the relationship, the fitness; you can see what you want to accomplish way out there because it is a big goal and it is worth it, but you just don’t know what the next step of the journey is.

You just don’t know where to put your focus or your attention. You don’t know where to step next to get across the bridge there. You just don’t know which place to go, and if you imagine like Indiana Jones when he is in the cave and when he steps on the wrong panel, then a dart flies by and almost takes him out, and a good coach, a great coach, a world-class coach is going to help you get clear on where to step and where not to step.

Because if you take that wrong step, then there will be a dart through your head and you will be gone. But if you take the right step, then bingo, you are going to be able to move forward and make progress and see more of the results that you want! 

2. Accountability

If you are in a position where you can see where you want to go, you know exactly the next step that you need to make but so often, it’s not what we don’t know that is keeping us from the results that we want, it is what we know but aren’t applying that keeps us from those desirable results.

More often than not when I’m working with someone in a coaching capacity, they know what to do. They know they should be making “x” amount of calls per day for their business. They know they should be producing videos like this for their business, and they know they should be working out at least 30 minutes a day for their health. They know they should be making their family first priority before their business, they know this in their heads, but they are not doing it.

And so part of my job as a coach is to hold them accountable to actually do it, and the moment we can get them to consistently do what they know they should be doing, then the results automatically start showing! And they go, wow, this is amazing! 

Now, if they stop doing it, if they stop the workouts, if they stop the meditations, if they stop making the sales calls, if they stop making the videos, then all of a sudden they stop seeing the results and they wonder why it all fell apart. But clearly, they stopped doing what was working, and so there is an accountability factor in keeping on the path to the results that you want.

3. If You Need a Sounding Board

My God, we live in a day, a time in history where all of us are so consumed by this device that most of you are watching right now, and we are so consumed by what everyone else is doing that we sit down with someone we love, we sit across the table from them and we say how are you doing and about 7.6 seconds into them sharing what’s going on in their lives we hear the notification sound coming from our electronic device and our attention immediately flies away, and we don’t even pay attention to the human being that is right in front of us!

And so sometimes, a great coach can be a great sounding board, a place where you can go and someone will give you 100% of their undivided attention and focus on your goals, your mission, your desires for the whole period of time you are working together so that you get the attention to help you work through everything that you are struggling with, to make sure that you are heard, you are seen, you are appreciated, you are understood and you get clarity on what to do next. That sounding board is unbelievably important and valuable.

4. If You Want Another Perspective

It isn’t a coach’s duty or responsibility to give you their opinion, but if you want another opinion, my goodness, great coaches have oftentimes worked with hundreds and sometimes thousands of clients from around the world, and they have seen so many different ways to go about handling the same situation. 

One of my favorite things to discuss with our clients is if you need another perspective, just say that way doesn’t work for me and we will give you another one! I can teach you how to clear your mind by taking an ice-cold shower, by doing some breathing, by going to work out, having alone time, etc. There’s lots of ways to help you clear your mind and focus, not just one. And so as a coach, we give another perspective or another option on how to get to the same result. 

5. If You Want Assistance in Sorting Out the Details

My goodness, this is a big one! I’ve sat there with many, many CEOs in their companies. They know what they want, they know the plan, they know what needs to happen, but they just need to get some clarity on what the area of growth looks like. They need to get clarity on which person on their team needs to handle which parts of this process.

They need to get clarity on what accountability looks like for each person on the team to make sure that they are going to execute and really get the result. They need to get clarity on how to have the tough conversation if it isn’t working, if the team isn’t being accountable.

They need clarity to sort out the details of the process, of the journey rather than clarity on just the results alone. A great coach can provide that.

6. If You Need Some Empowerment and Inspiration

If you need someone that has your back, that cheers you on, that challenges you to be your best self, that champions you to be your best self and demands of your best self, that’s a great place to get a coach!

7. Guidance Through Challenging Times

My goodness, our mission is really simple; help the people who need it most, at the moment they need it most with the message they need. I always say I don’t care who or where they are, but every day I take it upon myself and the team which works really hard to push out great thoughts to as many platforms like this in order to reach people at the moment they need it.

And what’s beautiful is that every day we receive little notes from awesome people around the world saying thank you, I needed that. What is beautiful is that as a coach, we get to reach people at the moment they need us most and help ignite them, help unleash the true brilliance and strength and courage they have from within, the challenge they need to take on those moments that would normally bring them to their knees. Instead, they stand strong and walk right through them. It is a very powerful and empowering position to be in, to be able to help someone to have that kind of experience. 

8. To Level Up Their Performance

The coach can say, hey, you are reaching the peak of what you’ve ever done, let’s see if you can go beyond it! Let’s see if you can do what seemingly appears to be impossible. Let’s see if you can reach beyond the current limitations or the current situation that you are in so you can experience what you are really capable of. That is my favorite part.

9. Time With 100% Focus

We talked about this already; 100% focus on your life, your business, your goals, your dreams, and your desires. It is a rare time, and I always say protect it and use it and squeeze the most out of it so that when you have multiple people giving you all their time, effort and attention, you get the best that you can get from all of them.

10. Write a list…

I’m going to leave this one open. When was the last time you hired a coach? Why did you hire them? And what benefits did you experience? Drop it in the comments section, I want to hear from you. Was it a fitness coach, business coach, relationship coach, or spiritual coach? What did you hire the coach for? I know just from experience, the last coach I hired, the most recent coach I hired is a business coach. It is quite an investment, we will be paying a significant amount of money each year to work with him.

We invested a huge amount of money; tens of tens of tens of thousands of dollars to work with them. It’s a lot, and we did what I do with all clients. We created an ROI plan. What will we need to produce, what results will we need to produce to make a 2x, 5x and 10x return from this investment? We sat down, we came up with it and we made over a 10x return on the investment the first year we were working with the coach. Now we are in our second year, we renewed our contract and again we are looking for another 10x return on our investment.

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We invested, let’s say, I’m just going to pick a random number and say $35,000 or more, let’s say $55,000, but we were able to produce a 10x return just last year on the investment we made working with him. That’s phenomenal! And so this piece is, how can you take whatever investment it is, and the time too, because you are going to invest time, and get a 10x return on that time and the money and the effort invested in working with a great coach?

If you flip this around, and you are the coach (because some of you are the coach out there), how can you help them produce a 2x, 5x or even 10x return in working with you? They invest $1,000, how can you help them get $2,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 in return just like that? Make that the standard and all of a sudden, it is pretty easy to have clients!

So, two things. Number one, if you need a coach, go to jairekrobbins.com, sign up for one of our free coaching sessions, we’d love to work with you. Or send me a DM or even send me a message on here and I will send you the sheet that you need to fill out, and we will have a quick conversation to see if or how we can be of service. My promise is if someone on our team cannot help you, I absolutely promise you that we will connect you with a great coach who can absolutely deliver for you. We know thousands of coaches around the world. Secondly, we have trained hundreds of coaches from around the world, I think in 15 different countries that we have trained coaches in, and so if you are looking to become a coach, if you have the skillset, the desire to help people get clarity on their goals and help them attain all the things we’ve talked about, you can go to performancecoachuniversity.com, fill out the application and we’ll see if you are the right fit to actually become a performance coach.

So two options, jairekrobbins.com or send me a DM and we will talk about getting you a coach, or go to performancecoachuniversity.com and we will talk about how to get you certified and accredited as a coach. So, two options, have some fun, kick some butt, I’ve got to go because I have a coaching call coming up with one of my great clients, so I will talk to y’all next week.

To Your Success

Jairek Robbins



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